The introduction of social media and other technologies has arguably impacted the sales and marketing industry the most. The modern customer usually would have gone through multiple digital contacts with the product or company thru social media, email campaigns, sms, and other forms of digital marketing before they even speak to a sales representative.


This can be a double-edged sword, while it gives you and your company more opportunities to influence your target customer’s perception of your product or company leading to a sale, it also introduces possibilities for your prospect to lose interest. When implemented poorly, your digital marketing campaign may cause you to lose your leads – it can be a campaign that’s too aggressive, bugs on your site or forms, a slow website, or slow responses from your sales or support team.


This is why your marketing automation and CRM platform are so critical as it not only allows you to track your lead status and touch points with your prospects but also enables you to analyze pain points in your sales funnel.


Mautic is an open source platform that you can use to track your leads and automate your end-to-end customer experience throughout your funnel across different digital channels.


With Mautic, you can:


  • Set up stages which correspond to your organization’s sales or marketing funnel or process.
  • Update leads automatically based on your marketing campaign and automation using point based system.
  • Manually move contact to different stages.
  • Track your leads and how they move through your sales funnel from beginning to end.


One of the advantages of using Mautic is its capability to integrate various systems and channels including social media, email, sms and other platforms with its marketing automation.


This allows you to implement marketing campaigns using leads from various sources. You can use leads coming from forms, website, social media interactions or leads from your existing client data base or CRM.


Everything is automatically updated in all systems. You can even install a tracking plugin on your website that allows you to access event logs detailing which pages on your site the customer has visited or which emails from your campaign have been read.


Effective lead management is critical to implementing successful marketing campaigns. Mautic allows you to use custom fields and tags with your contacts giving you the ability to build custom audiences and implement targeted campaigns across different channels.


If you need more information about Mautic’s capabilities or would like a consultation on how we can help you with your lead management process, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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